Where do you feel most yourself?

Your answer might be at your job where you’ve worked to create an identity that represents your passion and potential, or while you’re doing a hobby – maybe playing in your band or creating your art, perhaps it’s at home with your family where you’re most at ease and authentically you… and maybe you thought of the times when you are out in nature.

Where do you feel most at home? 

You might be thinking of your current family home, or your childhood family home, a place you would often vacation… and maybe you’re thinking of the outdoors.

Rewilding is the act of coming home to yourself in nature. 

It’s rekindling the inner “wild” within you, a part that is alive, free, and connected to the whole of nature, to the more-than-human world.  It’s connecting to a part of you that is more-than, deeper-than, bigger-than the parts of you most people get to see.

Imagine the feeling when you’re in a setting surrounded by family or friends, the people who know you best, the people whom you know best.  The conversation is easy, silence is also comfortable, there’s a predictability to the flow of engagement, there’s a clear knowing of where you stand in your relationships, and they are reciprocal.  Have you ever felt that comfortable outdoors?  You can and you should!!  Your natural environment is just that – it should feel natural to inhabit it and connect with the other beings with whom you share it.

The outdoors is absolutely a place to play, to feel joyful, powerful, and energized.  If that’s all that you are doing outdoors, you might be missing the profound feelings of connection and of wholeness that come from slowing down every now and then and just being with your wild kin.  Within the pause in nature, you might be surprised to find that even in stillness you feel vibrant and energized, because you are tapping into a vital part of you that has long awaited to be seen and expressed.

Rewilding at Catamount Outdoor Family Center

You can experience and explore two kinds of Rewilding offerings at Catamount Outdoor Family Center.  Both are carefully curated by a Yoga Therapist and certified Mindful Outdoor Guide and both include practices that research has shown can reduce stress, help build confidence, improve focus, and enhance immunity.  The Mindful Outdoor Experience is a gentle hike lasting approximately an hour interspersed with thoughtfully guided activities intended to connect and commune with nature.  The Yoga Hike is a gently active nature hike that also incorporates breaks for yoga and embodiment as well as opportunities to slow down and connect to the natural world.

The next offering is Monday, April 3rd at 5:00 PM.  You can find all the offerings on Catamount Outdoor Family Center’s Events Calendar.  If you have any questions about these activities or want to connect with the facilitator for any reason, you can email Christine Badalamenti Smith at christine@oggibe.com.  You can also learn more about rewilding at oggibe.com.

You belong in nature.