Catamount Outdoor Family Center is our area’s centrally located, most extensive professionally maintained multi-use trail network with year-round recreation opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. Catamount has been a leader in trail running for many years. We offer over 20 miles of trails to run with many marked loops varying from 5 km – 15 km. Enjoy terrain and trail types for all ages and abilities.

Pedestrian Use is complementary. This includes walking, hiking and running in the summer and snowshoeing and sledding in the winter!

Maintaining this vast trail network at Catamount would not be possible without the direct support of our users. If you are a pedestrian user, please consider becoming a Supporting Member or  donating directly to Catamount to help us maintain this great trail system.


The longest running Weekly Race Series in the country is back again! Our goal is to offer a unique experience that encourages participation in a season long series where individuals can challenge themselves while being part of friendly community competition.

Just as in previous years we will offer both a trail running series and a mountain bike series. You can sign up for 1 or both series! Awards at the end of the season are based on participation…the more races you do the better.


Joining the Catamount Trail Running Club will provide opportunities to experience different types of trails and advance skills. On Tuesday afternoons, club members have the option to stay late and participate in the weekly 5k race starting at 6pm (weather dependent)! The first Tuesday of each month will have a 10k option.

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