Make sure to complete your Emergency health From at least 3 weeks prior to your campers start date.

Join us for Catmount’s awesome summer camps for ages 6-14 years old!

Catamount Summer Camps are fun-based and led by experienced coaches and educators on the amazing 400 acre Catamount Community Forest. Our full-day and half-day outdoor camps are designed to improve skills while having fun on the trails.  Campers will enjoy a week loaded with exciting outdoor adventure and lots of hands-on learning. 

Our camps promote physical fitness, personal responsibility and teamwork, while emphasizing care for the equipment we use and the land on which we live and recreate. Each camp session will include a variety of activities which facilitate a lifelong connection with the outdoors by enabling campers to engage in multiple facets of the outdoor environment. Activities and skills will be tailored for the specific ages of each camp session.

Cancellation Policy: Any cancellations or requests to change sessions must be made prior to June 1 in order to receive a refund, minus a $50 administrative fee. Any cancellations or requests received from June 1 until 2 weeks to the start of the session will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations made within 2 weeks of the beginning of the session will not be eligible for any refund. Requests to change sessions will not be permitted within 2 weeks of the start date.

Registration tiers for 2023:  Catamount Members will be sent an email with early camp registration access on the below dates. 

  • Annual Full Access Members: February 1-10
  • Annual Bike Members: February 11-20
  • Annual Supporting Members: February 21-28
  • Open Registration begins March 1 (via website)
Youth memberships and Supporting memberships are good for one camp entry. Adult memberships can be used to register multiple children; However, we ask that you consider a family membership when registering multiple campers to support Catamount as a non-profit.


HALF DAY Ages 6-7


FULL-DAY Ages 8-10


FULL DAY Ages 11-14


HALF-DAY Ages 6-8


FULL DAY Ages 9-14

All Catamount camps are staff by experienced coaches and counselors who have undergone a state criminal record check and SafeSport Training.

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