If you have never tried CX or DS racing but always wanted to give it a shot, this could be your year! Catamount always has a supportive environment for those who are just getting introduced to the sport. Hungry for competition? Not to worry, test your skills against some of the best athletes. Either way the atmosphere is always welcoming and fun for the whole family.

What is Dual Slalom?

3, 2,1, go! Compete head-to-head in a laid-back environment against new and old friends on our newly revamped DS course in Catamount’s terrain park. This dual tracked downhill course provides for side by side racing with unique features to each lane. Multiple brackets will be run based on individual qualification times. This late summer series is the perfect opportunity to schralp some corners, get some (optional) air, and keep the fun rolling into fall.

What is Cyclocross?

For those new to the sport you may be asking ‘What is Cyclocross?’ Although cyclocross shares some aspects of both mountain biking and road racing, it is it’s own sport and you can expect some of the following features including; being on & off the bike, stepping over natural & artificial barriers, quick entry & exiting of corners, hard surfaces transitioning to soft, and negotiating tricky off-camber sections. Don’t let this intimidate you though. Cyclocross if fun!

The length of the course is 2.5-3.5 km and is designed for the skinny-tired cyclocross bike, not a full-suspension mountain bike (a regular mountain bike is tolerable, just expect more friction).

2024 DS Tuesday Dates

  • Week 1: September 10th @5:30pm
  • Week 2: September 17th @5:30pm
  • Week 3: September 24th @5:30pm
  • Week 4: October 1st@5:30pm
  • Week 5: October 8th @5:30pm
  • Week 6: October 15th @5:30pm

2024 CX Wednesday Dates

  • Week 1: September 11th @5:30pm
  • Week 2: September 18th @5:30pm
  • Week 3: September 25th @5:30pm
  • Week 4: October 2nd@5:30pm
  • Week 5: October 9th @5:30pm
  • Week 6: October 16th @5:30pm


Cancellation Policy: Any series cancellations must be made prior to August 15th in order to receive a refund, minus a $50 administrative fee. Any cancellations received after August 15th but before September 1st are eligible for a 50% refund only. Cancellations made after September 1st will not be eligible for any refund. 
Adult CX or DS Series $75
Adult Both Series $140
Youth/Student CX or DS Series $60
Youth/Student Both Series $110
Family CX or  Series $120
Family Both Series $230


All Ages Single Entries on BikeReg : $15 *Please note that registration online closes at 12:00pm on race days*

All Ages single Entries at Catamount’s Hub: $20 *Please note that registration closes 5:15pm on site on race nights*

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