Are you looking to host an event at Catamount?

On June 4th of 2022 the Town of Williston released their new Temporary Event Ordinance (TEO) and this had led to some big changes in the overall process and timeline for hosting an event at the Catamount Outdoor Family Center (COFC). Please review the following information, especially the towns new Temporary Event Ordinance, prior to reaching out to COFC staff about your proposed event.

Large Event Planning Process

The Catamount Outdoor Family Center (COFC) has created a Large Event Application (LEA) for outside event organizers looking to host large events at the Catamount Community Forest (CCF). This application covers event logistics, public health & safety information, and billing details for the proposed event. When COFC receives a completed Large Event Application, it is reviewed by  COFC event staff.  Once approved, details of the event will be forwarded to the Town of Williston (TOW) to see if the proposed event requires a Temporary Event Permit (TEP). This will lead to one of two outcomes:
  1. The TOW says the TEP is unnecessary.  This means that event planning can continue between the event organizer and COFC staff.
  2. The TOW requests a TEP.  COFC will submit a Temporary Event Permit Application on your behalf. However, this will delay the process some as we must wait for the application to see the Town Manager and potentially the Selectboard, which meets roughly twice a month, to see if the event can occur.

Next Steps

After reviewing all of the information on this page, email expressing your event interest. COFC’s staff will send over the appropriate application based on your proposed event. Smaller programs and clinics, depending on their nature, will likely not need to go through the same process as large events and will receive a separate application. If you receive a Large Event Application, please complete it to the best of your ability at that point in time. Once the completed Large Event Application is received by COFC event staff, they will start the permitting process with the town.

Be ready to submit the following documents with COFC’s Large Event Application:

  • COI (Certificate of Liability Insurance) listing both the Town of Williston & the Catamount Outdoor Family Center
  • S3 From, if tax exempt
  • $100 deposit to cover COFC administrative costs and to hold date.

 Should your application need a Temporary Event Permit, be ready to complete the following Town of Williston requirements:

  • Create a site map
  • Send over a schedule for the event
  • Notify all budding landowners

Event Planning Timeline

The TOW requires that Temporary Event Permit Applications be submitted a minimum of 30 days in advance of the event date. COFC recommends our Large Event Application be submitted to us as far in advance as possible to ensure a smooth planning process for all involved.

  1. Review all information on this page and communicate event interest with the COFC event staff via email at least 3-6 months prior to the event date.  
  2. Complete and return COFC’s Large Event Application a minimum of  3 months prior to the event date. This information will be used to propose your event to the town. Include your S3 form (if tax exempt), COI’s, & non-refundable deposit with your application.
  3. If a Temporary Event Permit is requested by the TOW, the event organizer must wait ~2-6 weeks for COFC staff to get the TEP application submitted to the TOW.  This application is then viewed by the Town Manager who can approve it or send it to be review by the Selectboard at the next meeting that has space on its agenda. If the latter occurs, you may be asked to attend this Selectboard meeting to clarify any concerns town officials may have regarding the proposed event. If a TEP is not required, planning continues between the event organizer and COFC event staff.
  4. If additional permits are needed for food, alcohol, vendors, or capacity limits you must ensure that all permits are in place and proof be submitted to COFC staff no later than 30 days prior to the event so proper notification can be provided to the Town of Williston per the Temporary Event Ordinance.
  5. ~Event is non-refundable after the 30 day mark~
  6. Event organizers must send proof of parking accommodations, if applicable, ASAP after the event has been approved but no less than 2 weeks in advance.
  7. Any additional requests MUST be communicated to COFC’s event staff at least 2 weeks prior to the event date. This includes trail marking, alternative courses, mowing, grooming, ATV assistance, race set-up & take down, etc. COFC staff reserves the right to accept or decline requests at their discretion.

Why Do We Need Town Approval?

In 2019, the Trust for Public Land, Catamount Outdoor Family Center, the Town of Williston, and a small group of dedicated volunteers partnered to protect 393-acres of forests, fields, and wetlands that were managed by the Catamount Outdoor Family Center. With the goal of securing long-standing recreational opportunities for the public, and safeguarding both the water resources and sensitive wildlife habitats, the Catamount Community Forest was created and conveyed to the Town of Williston. The Town of Williston has partnered with the Catamount Outdoor Family Center to manage and operate the trail resources and recreational opportunities on the Catamount Community Forest.

Town of Williston Resources

COFC Parking Message

All events at COFC that will exceed the parking capacity of 75 vehicles will need to have parking accommodations in place. COFC is not responsible for these parking accommodations.

  1. Minimum of 2 parking attendants to park vehicles efficiently and direct others to overflow parking options.
  2. Messaging to participants must include verbiage about carpooling if possible and not parking along the right of way on Gov. Chittenden Rd.
  3. Depending on event size, shuttle options may need to be in place.

Special Events

If you are a business or organization interested in bringing clients, groups, or programs to Catamount please contact us directly at least 45 days in advance. All businesses & organizations offering services on the property are required to provide a Certificate of Liability. In addition, you may be responsible for Commercial/event fees; Special Event Permit; and additional Port-o-Let rentals.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Looking for a way to support Catamount beyond a general donation…? Catamount offers a wide variety of annual Sponsorship opportunities for both local businesses and individuals. We want to find the right fit for each sponsor based on individual interests and a mutually beneficial partnership. Please contact us directly for more information.

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