Racing for Everyone

As we navigate through these difficult times together we are challenged to take a deeper look into our behaviors and decisions. We realize the importance of diversity as a core value to our strength as an organization. Conversations about inclusion are a beginning, but Catamount has taken the next crucial step in action.

Going forward, you will see a change in our race results reporting. As always, our results will be sorted by distance and age, but we will no longer be separating results based on gender.

We are proud to take this step forward as we follow our mission to create outdoor experiences at the Catamount Community Forest that build active lifestyles, friendships and environmental awareness. Inclusion for all is built into our mission and we thank you for your support as we embrace this change and take this huge step together.

Catamount Weekly Race Series


Weekly Races in 2021

Exciting news! Catamount is able to bring back the in-person race series for the remainder of the season starting July 13 & 14!  For those who are already registered for the virtual race series, you can keep racing virtually and choose to join the group races whenever you like at no extra charge.  For those who have been waiting for the return of in-person races, your wait is over.

As in prior years, we will return to our usual Tuesday evening run series and Wednesday evening bike series.  The weekly in-person runs will begin at 6:00pm on Tuesday, July 13 and the bike races will begin at 6:00pm on Wednesday, July 14th.  The MTB Series will run for 7 weeks through 8/25 and the Trail running series will run for 10 weeks through 9/14.

If you are already registered for a virtual series, then you are automatically registered for the in-person series and you do not need to register again.  You can also purchase single race entries on-site at Catamount the day of the race. Please see the Race Series FAQ’s below for full details.  

As our community has pivoted out out of the pandemic and we make the shift back to what we have missed over the last year and a half, Catamount has heard you loud and clear…and we know how important these races are to you! With the successful reopening plan in Vermont and the recent timeline changes to the VELCO power line project, we are thrilled to have the option to bring back in-person races to Catamount! Our Board of Directors has pulled together a tremendous effort to organize and support the in-person races this year through a major volunteer commitment from the board and many members of the Catamount Community! Please be sure to thank them and we look forward to seeing you on race nights!

Here’s what it looks like:

  • Purchase the Race Series Here
  • You will be emailed the Race Result Registration form and Submission link for the virtual option
  • Each week we will announce the course Sunday afternoon
  • You choose when to complete the course
  • Enter your results on the ‘Submission’ link for the virtual race by 9pm on Thursday
  • We will post results!

As a virtual racer, you can choose the timing app that works best for you! Some of the more popular ones include: Strava, RunKeeper, Endomondo, GoogleFit and MapMyFitness.



Q: Will Catamount continue offering the virtual races with online results submission?

A: Yes, but you may choose to skip that and come in person instead, if you prefer!

Q: Can I switch back and forth between virtual and in-person races each week?

A: Yes, but please only do one each week to avoid duplicating race results.  


Q: I already bought the virtual race series, do I need to buy anything else?

A: No, your purchase of the virtual race series can be used for in person races.  You will have a race number assigned you can pick up your first night of in-person races or any time the Hub is open.  Of course, if you are registered for the run series and want to participate in the bike series or vice versa, you will need to register for the second series.  NOTE: if you completed your online registration after Monday each week, you will need fill out a written racer form at the registration station on race night, since we load our timing system with online registration information every Monday night.; not to worry, you will still be able to race.

Q: Is there night-of race registration?

A: In-person registration will be offered for those purchasing that evening’s race.  If you want to purchase the race series please do that online. In-person registration closes at 6pm!

Q: How do I get my race bib/plate number?

A: Everyone who has registered for the race series to date will be assigned a race number and you can pick up your race number the first night you come to the in-person race.  If you want to avoid potential lines on race night, you can stop at the Hub at Catamount anytime prior to the race to collect your bib or number plate.

Q: What do I do if I lose my race number or forget it on race night?

A: Come to the registration table and let us know.  We will give you a blank bib/plate where we will write your race number on it with a sharpie.  It is critical you use the correct race number for the timing system and race results.


Q: What nights are the races?

A: Same as usual. Trail running Tuesday nights and MTB Wednesday nights.

Q: What time does the race start?

A: Same as before… wave starts beginning at 6pm.  Don’t be late! Start times for the run series are: 6:00 Kids cadet race; 6:15 5k. Start times for the bike series are: 6pm 1 lap; 6:03 Cadet; 6:05 Cubbies; 6:15 2 lap; 6:27 4 lap; 6:30 3 lap.

Q: Will there be 10K trail runs this year?

A: Yes, same as before… we will run 10K races on the 2nd Tuesdays of August (8/10) and September (9/14).

Q: How will you know how many laps I plan to do?  

A: After registering for the series you will receive a registration form link where you will need to select your default lap choice. If you are already registered for the virtual series, you will need to select your default lap choice when picking up your number.  Same as before if you want to change the number of laps, visit the registration table/ hub building and give them your race number and desired number of laps to be updated.  

Q: What courses will we race on?

A: We will attempt to run races on four courses this summer: two on the south side of the property and two courses on the north side.  We will make decisions on the courses each weekend depending on the status of the VELCO project on the north side and the conditions of the trails. We will alternate courses each week.

Q: How will you let me know if you cancel a race due to weather?

A: COFC uses the National Weather Service Hourly Forecast to make weather related decisions. If the forecast is showing a 60% chance (or higher) for thunderstorms between 6:00-7:30pm, we will cancel the race for that evening. We will make cancellation decisions by 4pm the day of the race, and will announce it on our Facebook page. 


Q: Will you post race results?

A: Yes, we will post race results each week.  We are using a timing system called Webscorer this year, and results will be posted to a Catamount page at Webscoerer.com. 

Q: What do I do if I spot an error in my race results?

A: Please contact us via email before 9p on Thursday and provide details about the error.

Q: Will you combine race results from in person and virtual?

A: No. Virtual and in person will have separate race results

Q: How do I earn my weekly attendance credit for year end awards?

A: Do either the virtual or physical race.  Make sure you see your name in the results posted each week and you will know that you received credit.  You will NOT get 2x credit if you race in person and virtual

The Race Courses

Black Arrows on White

The 2021 version of the Black Arrows on White Squares Race Route. This year’s version involves some meadow views followed by a fun jaunt on Black Bridge. Then some tough climbing through Shovelhead, but a fun descent down Mullett and finishing with Apple Sauce. Each lap has 249 feet of climbing and is just under 3 miles.

Strava Route Link

Trailforks Link

Red Arrows on Black

The 2021 Red Arrows on Black Squares race course features a lot of fun, twisty single track with a few minor technical challenges for newer riders. Each lap is about 3.6 miles and 220 feet of climbing. Be on the lookout for potential closures through the summer as the VELCO work goes on.

Strava Route Link

Trailforks Link

Yellow Arrows on Green

The 2021 Yellow Arrows on Green Squares race course starts next to the parking lot in the main event area heading east on Night Trail to Getting Started and features a small climb to the fast and flowy Slalom. Then it climbs back up to the Lookout and descends through a mix of techy and flowy trails until looping back to the base area. Over 3.6 miles each lap climbs 427 feet.

Strava Route Link

Trailforks Link

Black Arrows on Orange

This is a second course on Goose Hill (south side)! The complete lap is 5.34km and will take you on a full tour of what the south side has to offer.

Strava Link

Trailforks Link

The race course each week will be announced Sunday night on our website and Facebook page. You may also check ‘The Hub’ in the parking lot where a sign of the course arrow is posted by the window. Runners can choose between a 2.5k , 5k , or a 10k (10k runners will have to do two laps) for the season. Bikers can choose between a 2.5k and 1 to 4 laps. * Distances are approximate and vary on each course, year to year.


2021 Series Rates

Mountain Bike Series- Adult $70
Trail Running Series- Adult $70
Both Race Series- Adult $125
Mountain Bike Series-Youth $45
Trail Running Series-Youth $45
Both Race Series-Youth $75
Mountain Bike Series-Family $145
Trail Running Series-Family $145
Both Race Series-Family $225
Single Day Adult Entry $15
Single Day Youth Entry $10

Current Race Course:

Sept 12-16: Black on Orange

Series Team Competition Rules

The Catamount Weekly Race Team Competition is meant to be a fun way for weekly racers to compete against each other in a team atmosphere. Results are based strictly on participation and the number of members who race each week.

With that in mind, here are the basic rules:

  • Each team will consist of up to 25 members. If your group is larger than 25, you can form multiple teams.
  • Team members can race as many times as they want throughout the season. They will only score for the team the weeks they actually race and finish.
  • Scoring will simply be one point for each member who finishes per week. Results and team standings will be calculated weekly.
  • At the end of the season the winning team will be announced at the Awards Ceremony.
  • The winning team will have its name engraved on a plaque which will be displayed on the Catamount Hub.
  • Individual team members will not receive prizes for the team competition, but are still eligible for season ending awards based on participation.

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