2022 Weekly Race Series Rates:

In-Person Series

  • Adult MTB or Trail Running Series $125
  • Adult Both Series $200
  • Youth MTB or Trail Running Series $75
  • Youth Both Series $125
  • Family MTB or Trail Running Series $200
  • Family Both Series $350

Virtual Race Series

  • Adult MTB or Trail Running Series $70
  • Adult Both Series $125
  • Youth MTB or Trail Running Series $45
  • Youth Both Series $75
  • Family MTB or Trail Running Series $145
  • Family Both Series $225

Choice of Both In-Person and Virtual Series

  • Adult MTB or Trail Running Series $150
  • Adult Both Series $225
  • Youth MTB or Trail Running Series $100
  • Youth Both Series $150
  • Family MTB or Trail Running Series $250
  • Family Both Series $400
Catamount Weekly Race Series

Weekly Race Series 2022

Join us this year and be a part of the longest running weekly race series in the country! The weekly races at Catamount have a strong history in the community and offer a fun and relaxing atmosphere for everyone. Whether you are new to racing, or a seasoned competitor, you won’t want to miss the races at Catamount! As in prior years, we will host Tuesday evening run series and Wednesday evening bike series.  The weekly in-person races will begin at 6:00pm.

First In-Person Races: May 17 & 18

 Please see the Race Series FAQ’s below for full details.  

Virtual Race Information:

  • If you purchase the Virtual Series or Choice, we will email you a Submission link for your results
  • Each week we will announce the course late Sunday afternoon
  • Virtual racers choose when to complete the course
  • Virtual results must be entered by 9pm on Thursday
  • We will post results!

As a virtual racer, you can choose the timing app that works best for you! Some of the more popular ones include: Strava, RunKeeper, Endomondo, GoogleFit and MapMyFitness.




Q: What race series options are available?

A: Adult, Youth, and Family options are available. You can choose to enter the In-Person Series Only, Virtual Series Only, or choose the ‘Choice’ option!

Q: What is the ‘Choice’ option?

A: You can choose to race in-person or virtual each week! Since end of season awards are based on participation you never have to miss a week because of the inevitable, such as weather cancellations, illness, work, or family plans.

Q: Is there night-of race registration?

A: In-person registration will be offered at the Hub for those purchasing that evening’s race.  Or purchase online before noon and save money on your entry! In-person registration closes at 5:45pm!

Q: How do I get my race bib/plate number?

A: Everyone who has registered for the race series to date will be assigned a race number for the whole series.  If you want to avoid potential lines on race night, you can stop at the Hub at Catamount when open to pick it up ahead of time.

Q: What do I do if I lose my race number or forget it on race night?

A: Come to the registration table and let us know.  We will give you a blank bib/plate where we will write your race number on it with a sharpie.  It is critical you use the correct race number for the timing system and race results.


Q: What nights are the races?

A: Same as usual. Trail running Tuesday nights and MTB Wednesday nights.

Q: What time does the race start?

A: Same as before… wave starts beginning at 6pm.  Don’t be late! Start times for the run series are: 6:00 Half Lap cadet race; 6:15 5k. Start times for the bike series are: 6pm 1 lap; 6:03 Half Lap Cadet; 6:05 Cubbies (5 yrs and under); 6:15 2 lap; 6:27 4 lap; 6:30 3 lap.

Q: Will there be 10K trail runs this year?

A: Yes… we will run 10K races on the 1st Tuesdays of each month.

Q: How will you let me know if you cancel a race due to weather?

A: COFC uses the National Weather Service Hourly Forecast to make weather related decisions. If the forecast is showing a 60% chance (or higher) for thunderstorms between 6:00-7:30pm, we will cancel the race for that evening. We will make cancellation decisions by 4pm the day of the race, and will announce it on our Facebook page. 


Q: Will you post race results?

A: Yes, we will post race results each week.  We are using a timing system called Webscorer, and results will be posted to a Catamount page at Webscorer.com. 

Q: What do I do if I spot an error in my race results?

A: Please contact us via email before 9p on Thursday and provide details about the error.

Q: Will you combine race results from in person and virtual?

A: No. Virtual and in person will have separate race results

Q: How do I earn my weekly attendance credit for year end awards?

A: Attendance credit is earned for both in-person and virtual races.  Make sure you see your name in the results posted each week and you will know that you received credit.  You will NOT get 2x credit if you race in person and virtual

The Race Courses

Black Arrows on White

The 2022 version of the Black Arrows on White Squares Race Route. This rolling race course is designed to challenge every participant who tries it. Almost all of the single track on the grassy side is utilized making for technical climbing broken up with passing space on the grass roads. Each loop will be roughly 5k and the Cadet cutoff will exclude Lower Shovelhead, Gully Whomper, and Black bridge area. This route climbs 296 ft with a max elevation of 684 ft then descends -302 ft.

Trailforks Link

Red Arrows on Black

The 2022 Red Arrows on Black Squares race course is the race the course for speed and classic VT root sections. The race begins with grass and access road and then dips into the sandy pine forests of the Sandman’s area. Racers will enjoy the sandy single track and pea stone paths. If you do it right you’ll get a chance to experience Pure Bliss with a little mud and sweat. The course is a 3 mile moderately popular intermediate race route which climbs 186 ft with a max elevation of 587 ft then descends -196 ft.

Trailforks Link

Yellow Arrows on Green

The 2022 Yellow arrows on Green squares course starts with a quarter mile of crushed stone road and then quickly turns right onto Balsams and begins a climb up to the famous Catamount Lookout. This course will contain the most technical riding of our courses and is often the muddiest If conditions are favorable participants will traverse the whole hillside before lapping back by the venue field to finish or take another lap.

Trailforks Link

The race course each week will be announced Sunday night on our website and Facebook page. You may also check ‘The Hub’ in the parking lot where a sign of the course arrow is posted by the window. Runners can choose between a 2.5k , 5k , or a 10k (10k runners will have to do two laps) for the season. Bikers can choose between a 2.5k and 1 to 4 laps. * Distances are approximate and vary on each course, year to year.



Single race entries advanced purchase available on BikeReg & RunReg by searching “Catamount”:



Day of Registration at Catamount:



Current Race Course:

Red on Black 8/28-9/1

2022 Race Series Sponsors

Series Team Competition Rules

The Catamount Weekly Race Team Competition is meant to be a fun way for weekly racers to compete against each other in a team atmosphere. Results are based strictly on participation and the number of members who race each week.

With that in mind, here are the basic rules:

  • Team size limit: 10 participants!
  • All team members must purchase the full race series for tracking purposes.
  • Team members can race as many times as they want throughout the season. They will only score for the team the weeks they actually race and finish.
  • Scoring will simply be one point for each member who finishes per week.
  • At the end of the season the winning team will be announced at the Awards Ceremony.
  • The winning team will have its name engraved on a plaque which will be displayed on the Catamount Hub.
  • Individual team members will not receive prizes for the team competition, but are still eligible for season ending awards based on participation.

To register a team, please email your team name & list of team members to our Race Director at programs@catamountoutdoor.org

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