Taught by women, for women!

These encouraging camps are designed to instill confidence, build skills and have fun. Our MTB Instructor, Carolyn, learned to mountain bike over 30 years ago from the first instructors here at Catamount and has been riding her bike ever since! This will be Carolyn’s third year teaching MTB clinics at Catamount and she absolutely loves getting others hooked on mountain biking in a safe, supportive and fun way.

Women-Only 1/2 Day Introduction to Mountain Biking Skills Clinic:

This session is designed to provide solid foundation skills, including body mechanics, bike handling, braking, shifting, negotiating trail obstacles and features and balance. Our goal is to give you the building blocks to a solid foundation on your bike or to provide an early season refresher to help restore comfort and confidence on the trails. This camp is intended for novice riders.

Clinic Fee:

$45.00 Limit 15

2020 Clinic Dates:

June 27 & August 8, 8:30am-12:00pm

Lesson Plan

  • Arrival & Welcome!
  • Discuss lesson plan & customize to group
  • Fundamentals Part 1: Learning the basics of shifting, braking & body position. Hovering & Anticipation.
  • Fundamentals Part 2: Finding your balance: Obstacles, Climbing & Descending
  • Review & Relax!
  • An easy ride to “pull it all together”
  • Mountain bike games: Dab, Slow Race

What to Bring

  • Bike Helmet – Rentals available.
  • Mountain Bike – in good working condition.  Rentals available.
  • Water bottle with a bicycle cage or a hydration pack
  • 2 snacks
  • Adequate apparel (bike shorts are highly recommended!) including rain gear, some extra layers and A COMPLETE SET OF DRY CLOTHES
  • A towel for “cleaning” yourself off
  • An old tee shirt and tooth brush for cleaning the bike
  • Bug repellant
  • Sun screen
  • A watch